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Rainwater harvesters

Collecting your rainwater is a smart and ecofriendly choice.

Water is a rare and precious resource. It is important to preserve and keep it for more noble uses, such as eating and drinking.

A custom solution that can be installed in all types of buildings.

EcoFriendly solution

Installation facile et rapide

Easy to use

Adapted to your needs

44% of the drinking water used by a home could be replaced by rainwater and thus allow your municipality to reduce the stress on rainwater systems.

Washing clothes

Washing cars and equipment

Use of toilets

Watering and irrigation

Texte bidon 44% de l’eau utilisée par un domicile pourrait être remplacé par l’eau de pluie par ces fonctions et vous permettrez à votre municipalité de réduire le début sur les systèmes d’eau pluviales. À MODIFIER.

Operation of the rainwater harvesting system

1. Collect the water

Rainwater is collected by the gutters or the drain of your roof. The water is then filtered to keep debris, leaves and insects out of your reservoir.

2. Storage

Collected rainwater is stored in a waterproof tank that can be buried in the ground near the building, left above ground or installed inside the property.

Once the water is in the tank, a circulating system assures its renewal to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and algae that stagnant water could cause. This ensures clear, clean, fresh and ready to use water at all times.

3. Use of the rainwater

Using rainwater is eady! When your system is turned on, a specially designed pump directs the stored water through a micro-filter to remove all small particles. This step also allows you to obtain optimal pressure for your household appliances.

If there is no more rainwater available in the tank, the system automatically switches to the main water supply.

System Maintenance

Rainwater harvesting systems are designed for long term reliability and autonomy. Of course, they require simple periodic maintenance to ensure their keep their excellent performance.
  • Rinse the filters twice a year (Spring and Fall).
  • Rinse the toilet supply filter every 3 or 6 months.


Our rainwater harvesting solution comes with a 10 year warranty on the underground tank.

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