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The healthiest, most sustainable and best performing eco-friendly materials on the market

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We actively promote our building materials by finding contractors who are environmentally conscious, because together we will help build a better future for all with healthy and sustainable bio-based materials.

Our wide range of materials, experts and partners, enables us to offer renovations and building solutions in an ECO / FRIENDLY way.


Salola, a French company that has become an international reference, has been offering innovative and user-friendly products that deliver strong performance for 10 years. A high-performance, weatherproof building shell. We offer user-friendly solutions adapted to the most rigorous climates.

Hemp Shaff

A product of defibration consisting of the inner part of the stalk of industrial hemp. It is a preferred raw material for animal litters with multiple advantages. It absorbs four times its weight, thus providing better odour control. It is hypoallergenic, anti-mould and anti-bacterial. Low in volatile particles, it provides better breathing for animals, is a natural pest repellent and reduces consumption and labour.

Hemp Shaff - Animal Litter

High quality litter for the health and comfort of your animals.

Hemp Shaff for animal litter

The best natural animal litter on the market for the health and comfort of your animals such as horses, hens, rodents, cats, etc.
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