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Building today for a sustainable future

NovEnviro is proud to present its website that aims to promote sustainable building. NovEnviro's mission is to provide access to materials and experts in ecological and efficient building.

With passion, the company stands out for partnering with experts, pioneers of the industry and a multidisciplinary network of partners. Since 2018, we are committed to providing you with environmentally friendly building products, without compromising on performance.

We believe in making a difference for our planet and that is why we are doing everything we can to build a healthy and sustainable future for our children and future generations, one building at a time.

NovEnviro is the new name of the corporate name for DeuxMax Inc. The new name comes from Novus, which means innovation in Latin, and is also related to Nova, a star to guide and be the reference. Enviro is the reason we exist, to improve our environment, our planet by offering ecological solutions.

We are committed to supporting you in your new construction or renovation project in a process of sustained collaboration.

We distribute in Canada and the United States.


From the entire team at NovEnviro Inc.