The reference in sustainable materials

Sustainable Products

NovEnviro sets the standards for the distribution of ecological building materials. We specialise in building shells. Our bio-based insulation materials will make your building more efficient, healthier and more sustainable. Among our flagship products: hemp insulation, wood fibre panels, smart membranes. Contact us and we will be pleased to assist you in your project.

Energy efficiency

Superior comfort

Soundproofing / Acoustic insulation

Matériaux de construction écologique et performant, Isolation saine et durable, Isofib, NatureFibres, DeuxMax, efficacité énergétique, carbone négatif, hygrométrique, humidité, résistant aux nuisibles, déphasage


Pest resistant

Recyclable and re-usable products


A tailor-made project – Sustainable and Efficient

This monumental project in the Laurentians has a round timber ground floor, second floor with our classic wall cut and roof insulation with our hemp fibre panels, wood fibre panels and our Salola hygrovariable membranes

A stunning project designed for all

A smart and efficient construction in the Eastern Townships. The choice of materials provides overall comfort and superior energy efficiency while ensuring that its occupants live in a healthy and sustainable environment.